Weekly Dinner Bundle - By Sakchi Varma

By Sakchi Varma

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Hello Foodies,

Have a great start to your week, how about a weekly meal (dinner) package that takes care of your dinner requirement in your office or home, Monday to Friday where you don't have to place an order everytime, also available at a hugely discounted package price. So whats stopping you now?.

Tentatively planned as below, though you can choose a particular meal from below mentioned on a particular date during the course of the week, ie you can create your own timetable 5 day from options below by mentioning it in Special Instructions to Yummaker during Checkout. Eg. Meal 4 on Wednesday instead of Thursday and rest remaining same etc, or a completely personalized timetable by mentioning Monday : Meal 4, Tuesday : Meal1, Wednesday : Meal 5, Thursday : Meal 6, Friday : Meal 2 etc. 

Meal1 (Dinner - Monday) : Masala Khichdi with Plain Curd, Papad & Pickle 

Meal 2 (Dinner - Tuesday) : Aloo / Aloo Pyaaz / Pudina Paratha (4)Served with Aloo mutter and Chutney 

Meal 3 (Dinner - Wednesday) : Egg Curry(2), Chapati / Rice, Salad

Meal 4 (Dinner - Thursday) : Aloo Cauliflower Mutter Gravy / Aloo Cabbage / Bhindi Masala / Paneer Mutter / Palak Paneer, Rice, Dal, Raita

Meal 5 (Dinner - Friday) : Chicken Curry, Chapati/Rice & Salad

Only Chicken meal will be available only on Friday, rest meals can be shuffled.
Also our Yummaker is treating you with one Complimentary Sweet which can be availed anytime during your meal bundle.

*The Weekly bundle starts from the immediate coming Monday from the ordered date



Homely Immunity Booster Score: High

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