Weekly Dinner Bundle - By Rengini Ramesh

Weekly Dinner Bundle - By Rengini Ramesh

By Rengini Ramesh

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Hello Foodies,

Have a great start to your week, how about a weekly meal (Dinner) package that takes care of your dinner requirement in your home or office, Monday to Friday, or even Mon to Sat (in case you choose 6 day/7 day  bundle) you don't have to place an order everytime, also available at a hugely discounted package price. So whats stopping you now?.

Tentatively planned as below, though you can choose a particular meal from below mentioned on a particular date during the course of the week, ie you can create your own timetable 5, 6 or 7 day from options below by mentioning it in Special Instructions to Yummaker during Checkout. Eg. Meal 4 on Wednesday instead of Thursday and rest remaining same etc, or a completely personalized timetable by mentioning Monday : Meal 4, Tuesday : Meal1, Wednesday : Meal 5, Thursday : Meal 6, Friday : Meal 2 etc.

Meal1 (Dinner - Monday) : Idiyappam and Potato in Coconut milk

Meal 2 (Dinner - Tuesday) : Non Veg -Kerala Special : Appams (4) with Chicken Stew

Meal 3 (Dinner - Wednesday) : Non Veg-Fish Curry (Black Pomphret) with Rice, Moong Dal Thoran, and Stir Fried Potatoes

Meal 4 (Dinner - Thursday) : Idlis(5) with Coconut Chutney and Tomato Chutney 

Meal 5 (Dinner - Friday) : Non Veg - Kerala style Surmai Fish curry, Steamed Rice, Bhindi Aloo fry and Raita

Meal 6 (Dinner - Saturday) : Idiyappam (String Hoppers) with Chicken Stew

*The Weekly bundle starts from the immediate coming Monday from the ordered date


Homely Immunity Booster Score: High

 Amino Acid

 Vitamin C
 Vitamin E
 Vitamin A