Weekly Dinner Bundle by Nikisha Kotwal

Weekly Dinner Bundle by Nikisha Kotwal

By Nikisha Kotwal

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Have a great start to your week, how about a weekly meal (Dinner) package that takes care of your Dinner requirement in your office/home, Monday to Friday, you don't have to place an order every time, also available at a hugely discounted package price. So what's stopping you now?

Meal1 (Dinner - Monday) : Black Pepper Noodles with Veg Manchurian, Beverage & Dessert

Meal 2 (Dinner - Tuesday) : Curd Rice with Crunchy Tadka with Papad, Beverage & Dessert

Meal 3 (Dinner - Wednesday) : Parsi Dhansak with Caramelized Brown Rice, Chicken Kebabs, Beverage & Dessert

Meal 4 (Dinner - Thursday) : Burnt Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles with Chicken Manchurian Gravy, Beverage & Dessert

Meal 5 (Dinner - Friday) : Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce, Toasted Buttered Bread, Beverage & Dessert

Meal 6 (Dinner - Saturday) : Parsi Prawns Curry Rice, Beverage & Dessert

*The Weekly bundle starts from the immediate coming Monday from the ordered date.