Lauki ka Kofta(gravy), Veg Pulao, Curd, Ghee Rotis

By Rashmi Ahuja

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Today I am serving Pav Bhaji, Tawa Pulao, Raita & Chopped Onions.

Pav Bhaji is a fast food dish from Maharashtra. Pav Bhaji has many variations in ingredients and garnishes, but is essentially a spiced mixture of mashed vegetables in a thick gravy cooked on a flat griddle (tava) served hot with a Buttered Pav. Tawa Pulao is a street food recipe in which boiled Rice are tossed with Vegetables and spicy Chilli paste and various Spices are added to it for a delicious flavor. Enjoy the dish with Mixed Raita & Chopped Onions.

Hope you enjoy the dish.