Customized Weekly Bundle (6 Days- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

By Homely

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Day 1: Sabudana Khichadi with Curd (1 portion)
            Chiku Shake (2 portions)

          Stuffed Capsicum, 4 Chapatis, Salad, Dessert (1 Portion)

          Spinach Soup (2 portions)

Day 2: Masala Dosa with sambhar and chutney (1 portion)
           Coconut Water(2 portion)

          Valache bhirde, 4 Chapatis, Salad, Dessert (1 portion)

            Carrot Ginger Soup (2 portion)

Day 3: Methi Thepla 3 pc with Curd and Pickle (1 portion)
            Mosambi Juice (2 portion)

           Dum Aloo with 4 chapatis, salad, Dessert(1 portion)

           Hot and Sour Soup(2 portions)

Day 4:  Misal Pav with 3 Pav and salad (1 portion)
             Apple Shake (2 portions)

          Fish Curry with 4 Chapatis, Solkadhi, Salad, Dessert (1 portion)
          (Extra Curry for Dad)

           Chicken Soup (2 portions)

Day 5: Paneer Paratha with ketchup(1 portion)
        Banana Milk Shake (2 portions)

Malvani Chicken with 4 Chapatis, Salad, dessert(1 portion)
            (Extra Chicken gravy for Dad)

          Sweet Corn Soup (2 portions)

Day 6: Dhokla with Chutney (1 portion)
            Orange Juice (2 portions)

            Egg curry, 4 Chapatis, Salad, Dessert(1 portion)

            (Extra Gravy for Dad)

             Brocolli Almond Juice (2 portions)