Yummaker Shradha Naik

Yummaker Shradha Naik   

Rating 4 Star

Yummaker Shradha Naik joined us in the month of Sept. 2016. She specializes in Maharashtrain Cuisine with specialties in Sea Food & Chicken.

Some of her signature dishes are,

Fried Pomfret, Varan (Dal), Steam Rice, Chapati, Salad 

Fried Pomfret, Varan (Dal), Steam Rice, Chapati, SaladThis delicious Malavni Cuisine dish is heaven for sea food lovers. A popular fish dish from the coastal part of Maharashtra mainly from Konkan region. 

The fish is coated with spices of the Konkan region and then shallow fried till crisp. The meal is accompanied with Chapatis, Steamed Rice and Varan, a coconut infused dal. 


 Malvani Chicken Curry, Jeera Rice, Salad and Solkadi

 Malvani Chicken Curry, Jeera Rice, Salad and SolkadiAnother Malvani Cusine Speciality is the Chicken Curry. A stimulating chicken curry cooked in coconut gravy and a spicy Malvani masala.

The dish goes well with Jeera Rice and Solkadi. Solkadi is drink which is made from Kokum and coconut milk. Solkadi cools down the digestive system after eating spicy food. It is a natural digestive.


 Stuffed Simla Mirch, Varan (Dal), Steam Rice, Chapati (3), Salad

Stuffed Simla Mirchi, Varan (Dal), Steam Rice, Chapati (3), SaladThis Punjabi dish has a twist with Maharashtrain Flavours. In this recipe, capsicum, also known as green bell peppers are stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes.

The taste lies in the spices used belonging to the Maharashtrain region. The meal is served with Chapati, Rice, Varan (dal infused with coconut) and Salad. 



Dark Chocolates by Shradha Naik

Dark Chocolates by Shradha NaikDelicious Dark Chocolates with Dry Fruits in the center. A welcome treat for celebrations and gifts.

The chocolate is low on sugar and higher with cocoa and had become an acceptable snack for wannabe healthy eaters.



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