• Who can join Homely?

Anyone who has a passion for cooking can join Homely as a Home cook or a yummaker. One does not need any professional certification to feature on Homely.

  • Where do I cook and when?

Homely is a completely flexible and convenient platform for home cooks (we call them 'Yummakers'. Yummakers cook from their home kitchens and as per their convenience depending on what meal they are cooking (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks or Dinner).

  • What are the joining formalities?

It is very simple and easy to join. Contact us by providing details on the “Anybody can become a Yummaker' link and our team will get in touch with you to explain the on-boarding process to you.

  • As a yummaker, do I have to make arrangements for delivery?

You can do the delivery yourself, if you wish to, or else let Home.ly team take care of pick-up from your premises and then manage delivery to the customer. It's our endevour to ensure that you focus on a job, you are good at and we take care of the rest.

  • What are the payment options, if I wish to buy from Homely?

Homely accepts Cash on Delivery (COD), Credit/Debit cards, NetBanking and e-wallet will be introduced soon. 

  • Can orders from multiple yummakers be combined together?
You can certainly order from more than one yummaker at a time, just choose the dishes you wish to buy from different yummakers and add them to the cart. Though the delivery timings from each Yummaker may vary, depending on their distance from you, and what delivery option you have selected for each one of them.