About Us

When its Homely, it’s much more than Just Taste !

The best food you get is always when it’s prepared by someone who loves and care for you! It’s fresh, its healthy, its made with love, infused with warmth and made especially for you.

That’s why we all love mom’s home-made food! Yeah, we might have cribbed about eating it when we were young and living at home. But now that we’ve had to move out, and fend for our self by eating either restaurant food everyday or trying to fix up something on our own, we have finally come to realize how desperately we crave for mom’s food!

In all the skipping meals and eating out, we are losing out on all the yummy goodness that mom’s cooking used to give us. With Homely, we have created the quickest, simplest and coolest way to order incredibly delicious “mommy-style” meals, everyday, right at your desk or doorstep. We curate meals as per your needs and have it prepared by Home-chefs who are food enthusiasts, or by a simple homemaker who just loves to put on that apron and whip up something incredible for you.

It provides the perfect platform for our clients to find their ideal home chef or cuisine, within their neighborhood and have that perfectly prepared ‘homely meal’ on a hectic day. Don’t be surprised, You may be able to find and order that yummy aloo masala from your next door grandma that you have been sniffing upon from your window.

We at Homely love being part of our client's lives through great food. For us, sharing flavours, stories and experiences with our users is what Homely community is all about.

Homely stands for truly authentic home made meals.

About Mango Revolutions

Homely is the first product from stable of Mango Revolutions (Tenilo Revolutions Pvt. Ltd.), as we embark on our revolutionary journey. Mango Revolutions aims to explore, incubate disruptive ideas/ technologies that simplifies user experience in day to day life.