I think all of us in our childhood learned about early man and their lifestyle. When it comes to food they ate raw food, the diet of the earliest hominins was probably somewhat similar to the diet of modern chimpanzees: omnivorous, including large quantities of fruit, leaves, flowers, bark, insects, and meat.

They used to hunt and eat raw food in those times they don’t even know about Kitchen. They started hunting and ate for so many years. The Invention of fire by early humans was a technique for cooking food. Then they started to cook and eat food. Fire allows us to cook plants and animals.

When it comes to Grandmother Time, in this time there were no stoves, steel vessels, Spoons. They use to cook outside the house with help of wooden sticks and Mud vessels. We didn’t see those times where they cook, how they cooked. But we heard that it was so tasty it was very healthy. Where medicine was also made at home. Every food that is made in the kitchen will help in some or other way. Where today even we follow those tips for healthcare, Remedies.


And when it comes to Mother's Time, There are a lot of new Kitchen Appliances Oven, Cooker, and Mixer. It made work easy, but in the olden days without using these appliances people also made dishes. In this Era, people started eating food at restaurants at Occasional time or Parties.      


And when it comes to our time we love eating more fast food. Our generation mostly eat outside junk food rather than homemade food it may be because of a busy life. And these days food from breakfast to dinners are easily available. And there is a lot of food business these days right from Mobile food van to restaurants. And not only these but also online food delivery apps that provide food directly home.  Ordering food from out is become easier than going to the kitchen and having to cook something.

          People now started eating raw and half cooked food because of High vitamins and minerals. But, Due to this pandemic situation, there is so much change in food habits and food behavior. People became more conscious about food intake. Even people started following Grandma remedies for better health conditions.

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