Homemade food vs. street food

 Cooking by mom is always the best. We all better know about homemade food and street food, However, research confirms having food at home over food cooked on the streets. But we people are not ignorant of this and still, we continue to have street foods.


1.Fresh use of ingredients

Fresh use of ingredients and value-added consumables enhance the nutritional value of the whole food. Home-cooked meals serve a greater amount of food compared to foods served on the street. The byproducts used are not reused cause in-home, one thinks about the side effects of health with the consumption of stale foods. It will be wise of anyone to choose home foods over pre-made foods.

  1. Less usage of excess oil

Less usage of oils does not elevate the risk of adding weight to one's body. Homemade foods like fries and taste-enhancing products such as mayonnaise, cheese, etc. which confirms the loss of weight.

  1. Health

However, home food consists of healthy constituents that don't cause any harm to our body and value-added by-products that cut extra fat from our body. .Homemade food doesn't have such risks cause every ingredients used are fresh and healthy and the daily intake of home food will rather add to the nutrition value.

  1. Safe for the organs

 Higher risks of having diabetes and stroke are increased with every bite of fast food. Home-cooked food may not taste that yummy compared to fast food but it vouchsafes all the organs of our body

  1. Filled with nutritious

.A carbohydrate, fiber, protein-filled diet will rejuvenate and provide your body with all the needed nutrients and will keep you fit and fine forever.

  1. Sweeting factor

Diabetes caused due to the extra sweetening factor in cakes and pastries and sweets is another major health disease accelerated by fast food. Once you get hold of diabetes a proper diet needs to be maintained forever With the elimination of any junks from your diet.

                                              Street food

The reason people love street food is that it’s cheaper .whether we are broke, stingy, or both we just consume street food, and sometimes it feels great to stand and eat .Street food is cooked food or prepared food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for intermediate consumption.

  1. Unhealthy

This is especially because of its outdoor presence and the fact that there are no standards of hygiene or handling practices that are set in place. Tons of pollutants like road dust, virus, bacteria, smoke, cough, sneezing which cause germs to settle on food.

  1. Tasty

It's cheaper than restaurant food. The food tastes delicious .its authentic. There is a wider section of street food. New cuisine is always being introduced.

  1. Usage of excess oil

Greasy foods like fries, chips, pizza, and doughnuts are high in calories and unhealthy fats. A high intake of these foods can lead to weight gain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, bloating……so on.


  1. It's social

Power to bring people and culture together .at communal street foods we are likely to hang out with friends and chat to the people around you when you have a cluster of food trucks stalls together

  1. street food quality can be questionable

Balancing the cost and selling price, street food vendors tend to compromise on the quality of ingredient .the quality of food available at street food carts or trucks may not necessarily be bad its average quality norms.

When you’re making food at home you have control of the ingredients going in and what's not going in .both street food and homemade food have differences and similarities. fast food is more convenient and takes less time were as homemade food is healthier and saves your money.




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