Generations of food that still exist.

Dishes that have survived and lived longer than any of us these dishes are still very popular today only with a slight change in ingredients and the method of cooking :


In the Start of the 19th century made by the Austrians from the dough of a dish called kipfrel what we call a croissant, it is not exactly a traditional French food like most of us assumed but is a heritage of the Austrians that was adopted by the French the first-ever recipe of croissant Au beurre dates back a 137-year-old



French fries

Did you know there was always a lot of debate when potatoes were first introduced in Europe the controversies were on if potatoes were edible. Some people considered it to be poisonous they were also considered generally a very very low-class root veggie, they are originally from Peru they were first documented in the mid-18th century in France with a dish that looked similar to the new world French fry the first recipe is from a cookbook from around 1755 by Monsieur Menon his recipe includes dipping the potatoes in wine, deep frying and then serving with mustard and white sauce



Ice cream

Its one of the oldest desserts the history of ice-cream is still cloudy but one of the earliest comes from the middle east levant it is stretchy ice-cream called booza and to date, it is still made the same way it’s a delicious creamy texture a lot of labor goes into making this ice-cream the original flavors is milk, rose, and Pistachios.




Cheesecake is almost 2000 years old surprising, isn’t it?

Yes, the original cheesecake recipe was written by a roman senator named Cato during the mid-second century and this dish was formerly known as Savillum years and years later chefs were inspired by Cato's recipe, and then it become the delicious cheesecake that we know and love today.




Originated from Texas made with two layers of sourdough bread and a slice of left-over meat put between two buns is a burger. however recent studies show that it came from Roman times from a recipe book called Apicius the author however is unknown a dish with ground meat seasoned with Sause and spices, it was always a grab and go dish just like a burger in today's day however modern times had made this into a dish that is made with all food groups meat, bun, veggies, pickles, cheese, etc.


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