Best Indian Restaurants Outside India

1)  Indus – London, England

Indus has been titled as the “Best Indian Restaurant”. It is a beautifully designed restaurant which serves the best Indian chicken curry.  This restaurant offers the widest varieties of vegetarian finger-licking food items.

2)  Dawat – New York, USA 

 Dawat has earned several awards for its food and service excellence. New York Magazine named this restaurant as “New York’s best and most creative restaurant ”. Mrs. Madhu Jaffery, Internationally renowned cook book author is the driving force behind this unique Indian cuisine experience. The authenticity and unique Indian dish experience makes this place the most admired restaurant in New York.

3)  Amaya – London

Amaya is other very popular Indian Restaurant in London. It is owned by The Masala World Group. It is very famous for its great dining with a subtle combination of special Indian dishes, exceptional ambiance and great service. It is known for its exceptional use of spices. The food here is prepared and cooked in a tandoor or on a charcoal grill at the back of the room.

4)  Junoon – New York City

Junoon is a pride of India because of his extraordinary ambience and delicious food. This credit goes to the amber lightning, sandalwood screens and pools with Lotus blossoms. In open kitchen, chefs do their part, presenting elegant updated version of traditional dishes like Hyderabadi Chicken Korma , goat cheese and mango cheesecake.

5)  Raga Restaurant – Canada

Raga restaurant has been serving Tandoori Chicken, Curry and authentic Indian dishes since 30 years. It is situated in the heart of Vancouver. This place has a friendly atmosphere, lovely decor and soft lightning. It has been rated in the list of Top 10 Indian Restaurants across the world. The menu of Raga has been designed by the famous Chef Kapotra who used to cook for Nehru and Gandhi family.

6)  Amal At Armani – Dubai

Fresh and innovative regional cuisine is on the menu at Amal at Armani, along with an exciting beverage list and selected teas. Exotic curries and other specialities are prepared tableside, showcasing time-honoured traditional cooking methods and ingredients. You can also enjoy a memorable dining experience with stunning views over the Downtown neighbourhood and The Dubai Fountain.

7)  G’Raj Mahal – Austin

This place consists of Food Trailer park, complete with a tented seating area, waiters and even reservation. G’Raj Mahal serves Kebabs, Samosas, Pakoras and Curries to its customers. It can also be called as a Food Truck.

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